Telynet dedicates part of its income to Research and Development.

Every year the staff of the Technical Department is expanded with a view to improving the TelyNET sales product and the Hydra platform.

The company also develops and improves additional modules that optimize the efficiency and productivity for companies within its Networks of Mobile users, such as the Optimization of Routes, the Reporting system, the graphics, parameterization and customizing tools, Business Intelligence, as well as the integration with the main ERPs, such as SAP.

Telynet´s broad experience, with over 25 years dedicated to the field of mobility business solutions and its international presence, with clients in over 22 countries, helps us to improve every day with new ideas and implement new functionalities.

This is achieved with the incalculable help of organisations such as the CDTI and financing by banks.

In this area, during the year 2016 has been audited Monkey project [learn more].