More and more companies are reaching agreements with chains and customer groups so that they can have specific products in their Points of Sale (Assortments), make promotions available to their customers or display their products in specific places (Spaces). 

Collecting information on how these agreements are being fulfilled is essential, not only to control the cost and make claims if necessary, but also to be able to design, change and adjust marketing campaigns and strategies to achieve greater sales, making the investment made in this aspect profitable.

TelyNET sales SUITE 360’s PSM Vertical allows us to control not only the presence of our company’s products at the Points of Sale, but also to determine whether they are well labelled, whether they are in brochures, where they are located, at what price they are sold, if there is stock shortages, facing, shelves, etc


It also allows you to control that promotions are available, at what price they are being offered, where they are located, the cost involved, the POS material associated with it, and all this with enough time in advance to negotiate with the Point of Sale to adjust their orders of the promoted products so that they do not run out of stock.


It also allows you to control the spaces and locations in which our products are located, the displays that are used and to ensure that they are not used inappropriately.

All this information gathered is compared with what has been negotiated with the chain, notifying the manager of any incidents during the same visit so that they can be dealt with by the corresponding person in charge and corrected as soon as possible. It also allows you to take photos of everything managed for better control and subsequent analysis.


However, it is not only the information and control of what has been negotiated with regard to our products that is important. Competitors’ locations, prices, promotions, spaces, etc. become essential in order to plan commercial strategies. With’s PSM Vertical you can capture the same information from your competitors as you do for your own products.

In the Back Office, all this information is consolidated and compared, showing warnings of non-compliance with agreements, detecting problems with shortages, prices, etc. and even making comparisons with competitors.

In addition,’s PSM Vertical enables the management of radio and television campaigns, allowing managers to notify the Points of Sale and these are supplied with the necessary products so that they do not run out of stock. Manage and control both equipment (coffee machines, colours, etc.) at the Points of Sale, whether in department stores, shops, bars, etc., as well as the POS material delivered.