Hardware Industrial

Telynet advises you on how to improve productivity, connectivity and customer experience at all times

We recommend the most suitable hardware to meet this efficiency and precision in daily operations.

Discover scanners, mobile computers, tablets and printers with features and factors designed for you.

Hardware Industrial

Industrial PDA’s
The tool that allows you to work faster and smarter, so you can satisfy more customers every day.

Barcode Scanners
Advanced scanning technology that captures barcodes faster, at greater distances and in virtually any condition.

Radio frequency devices
With superior read range and coverage area, perfect for applications with a large number of readings.

Industrial mobile printers
Easy-to-use, drop-resistant mobile printers help you print barcode labels, receipts and more – anytime, anywhere.


Telynet, as a service provider, has the continuity of its projects as a priority objective.

For this reason, and due to the fact that Telynet’s solutions act in areas of vital importance for the company, special attention is paid to this section.


Help Desk and Customer Training

Telynet has a Help Desk and Training service

Help Desk provides telephone support to mobile users of Telynet platforms.

The tools include periodic summaries or details of all interventions and even the recording of calls, subject to prior authorisation.

Optionally, Telynet offers its customers an on-site service, with staff permanently on site at the customers’ offices. This service can be provided in any country and gives companies the peace of mind of having an optimal local service, without hiring or assigning company staff.

We offer a Training Service for the use of our Mobile Omnichannel Business Solutions for any Sales Channel (Self-Sales, Pre-Sales, Telesales, Sales, Delivery, Payments, Point of Sale Manager, B2B, B2C…).

Telynet API rest, the API's of Telynet Sales Suite 360

The Telynet sales SUITE 360 system has a complete set of APIs, Telynet API rest, which allows third party systems to connect easily and not only to obtain data such as customers, products, assortments, surveys, routes, etc., but also to apply the business rules configured in the Telynet system such as Pricing and the application of Promotions.

In this way, third party applications do not have to make complex developments to obtain a customer’s prices, determine which discounts to apply, or which taxes should be calculated. Nor do they need to develop a complete promotions system as is available in the Telynet system.

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