New RRSS for Companies Bjoin By Telynet

Bjoin By Telynet

It allows companies to have Private Social Networks and IM (instant messaging) Networks.

Booming markets such as RTM, DISTRIBUTORS, SFA, B2B and B2C can use this new product, getting a great performance out of this new app, as it provides communications to all employees of the company in real time, maintaining total privacy along the entire business value chain.

Nueva RRSS de Telynet

The APP not only provides communications to all employees of the company, but also communications with customers.

For its part, the private social network contributes to the development of media publishing and subscription channels that assist in the dissemination of information like a beehive.

Bjoin by Telynet is a new application from the Telynet application library. You will be able to have your private Social Network for suppliers or customers or sales force, using this new application, which is compatible with TelyNET sales SUITE 360.

Bjoin by Telynet users can communicate through chat while exchanging images, voice messages and videos. They can make categorised posts and create groups.

The company can also produce its own posts to share with users, allowing them to talk about a new launch, a promotion or new displays (demonstrating how the presentation is put together or even providing examples of how it has been done for a client).

A private social network for internal communication can be a very valuable tool for a company, especially when it involves customers, sales, pre-sales…