The management of SAT has two main strands that must be treated differently

Maintenance Services

On the one hand, the Maintenance Services that our technicians have to carry out on a regular basis, and on the other hand, the Corrective Services to attend to warnings or emergencies.

TelyNET’s Field Services Vertical allows us to manage and create Maintenance Services based on contracts with our customers where the regularity of the revisions is defined depending on the equipment installed, its age and guarantee, assigning Technicians with the appropriate knowledge for their attention.

Servicios de Mantenimiento
Servicios Correctivos

Corrective Services

Corrective Services are treated differently due to their urgency and location. The system allows these services to be assigned manually or automatically based on the skills and characteristics of the technicians, contractual conditions with the customer, and the location of the technicians when the notification is received.


With the Dashboard provided by the system, a manager can see where each technician is and what they are doing at any given moment, the notifications that enter the system and assign them depending on the needs, warning of the times for the expiry of the conditions of the contracts.


The system allows an administrator to define and configure the different types of notifications, indicating which information is to be collected in each one, without the need to make modifications to the software.


Technicians constantly send their location to be able to respond more quickly to alerts or emergencies, can order materials for their work and even invoice customers.