What are company values?

Business Values are a set of ethical and professional principles which a company is committed to respect in all its activities.

Values are different for each company.

TelyNET’s Values

TelyNET’s values include:

  • Honesty: We work with the commitments made to our customers, creating a bond based on respect, sincerity and gratitude. 
  • Accessibility: Our solutions are easily accessible to all our users, giving them confidence and speed in their daily lives. 
  • Will: This value is lost by many companies. It is very important in order to do a good job, which is why at Telynet we say that will is power. 
  • Social Responsibility: We are strongly committed to the continuous improvement of society. We cannot imagine a world without having responsibility, and above all the social responsibility. 
  • Environmental: Our solutions are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We have to take care of the world we live in, with appropriate technologies. 
  • Leadership: We maintain our position and influence at the forefront of our sector, because we continue to learn, work, enjoy what we do for our customers 

We do not sell products, we generate long-term business relationships