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Kotler’s Marketing 5.0 Success Stories in Spain

Cruzcampo, MASMOVIL Group and Telynet are the success stories featured in Kotler’s latest book: Marketing 5.0, published by LID Editorial

Yesterday the presentation of Marketing 5.0 took place, the book in which the marketing guru, Philip Kotler, “brings the Marketing 5.0 concept and its correct application to the Spanish market to generate even more value for customers in order to satisfy not only their material needs as consumers but also their emotional and social needs”, according to Laura Madrigal, Editorial Manager of LID.

The meeting focused on the success stories of Cruzcampo, MASMOVIL Group and Telynet in Spain after the application of 5.0 marketing techniques through a round table moderated by Javier Piedrahita, CEO & Founder of

From left to right: Javier Piedrahita, Enrique Bermúdez, Ana María Alonso and Esteban Velasco.

The round of success stories began with Esteban Velasco, Senior Marketing Manager of Cruzcampo Heineken Spain and author of the book’s prologue, who explained how Artificial Intelligence allowed them to carry out the campaign Con mucho acento starring Lola Flores, using technology to resurrect a person who represents the values with which the brand identifies, “the family embraced the project from the outset, which helped us to make it a reality.”

Ana María Alonso López, Media and Research Manager at MASMOVIL Group, explained how they have adapted to the change in content consumption habits. “Younger targets consume audiovisual content from different devices and locations. The use of Advance TV has allowed us to adapt the media plan to reach an audience that we don’t reach through traditional television,” she explained.

In the case of Telynet, the use of new technologies allowed the company to meet the challenge proposed by Campofrío: to carry out the digitisation of its shops. This was done through the Augmented Reality application, in such a way that the 3D models of the shops were the same as the physical models, allowing the shops to be designed before implementation, as explained by Enrique Bermúdez Rabal, Founder & CTO Chief Technical Officer of Telynet.

Throughout the meeting, the participants encouraged all companies to start applying 5.0 marketing techniques to face the future, each of them ending with a message:

Esteban Velasco: “Some brands plan to win and some plan to sell.”
Ana María Alonso: “There is no audience lost, just a path to be followed.”
Enrique Bermúdez: “Marketing 5.0 is a great opportunity for SMEs.”

The event took place at The Place, “The Valley’s experimental innovation space, which was created to make innovation and technology tangible and experience it first-hand”, “a commitment to technological humanism” in line with the philosophy of the book presented, said Isabel Núñez, Content Factory Manager at The Valley.

If you missed the live event, you can now watch it in full.


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