B2B Digitisation

Let’s start by defining B2B. Although everyone knows that B2B business is nothing new, we think it’s best to start with the technical meaning of B2B:

B2B refers to business-to-business transactions, i.e. those typically between a manufacturer and the distributor of a product, or between a distributor and a retailer. The relationship between a trader and his end-customer is called B2C (business-to-consumer).

The B2B business model is on the rise. Due to the pandemic, companies have been forced to change their business model, offering their services or products directly to other companies. However, in order for these businesses to function, they must be digitised in line with their needs.

A large proportion of #B2B companies are NOT working on strategies or processes to create digitisation in line with their needs.

They operate without specific plans, clear objectives or the means to achieve them.

Day by day there is a lack of structure or systems in place to take advantage of new business opportunities that arise in the markets.

All of this leaves management teams frustrated, losing the ability for their B2B company to have a digital strategy, which would improve business results.

A good B2B structure is based on:

  1. Be able to work with SAP or other ERPs
  2. Open API
  3. Webview
  4. B2B Mobile
  5. Customers updated at all times
  6. Ability to work 24/7
  7. Connected with customers at all times
  8. Promotions and discounts on online orders
  9. Tests conducted that are resilient across all channels, differentiating between multichannel and omnichannel

And everything we need to facilitate Sales, Pre-sales, Self-sales, Delivery… But always customised to the needs and roles of your sales force, in short, digitisation in a single click.

What are the steps to follow to start B2B Digitisation?

 From experience we can say that, although B2B companies continue to say that they consider digitisation to be complicated, after more than 32 years of experience, more than 300 customers globally in industry and other sectors… We can ensure that this is possible with our Omnichannel Mobile Solution called Telynet_sales_SUITE360.

In order to see all this in detail, and not just in written form, we recommend contacting the Telynet team of professionals now with a phone call, a WhatsApp, a message, an email… and they will get in touch with you or your #b2b business. Offering personalised advice, with the latest technologies, to cover the needs of your company, leading your sales force to obtain the best possible results and of course providing added value to your customers.

At Telynet we create long-term working relationships.

B2B Digitisation in a single click… Now possible with Telynet

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