Hoy 1 Junio 2022 Telynet Cumple 33 años

Today, 1st June 2022, is Telynet’s 33rd birthday

It’s Telynet’s 33rd birthday. It seems like only yesterday Telynet was founded, but it was on 1st June 1989 in Alcobendas.

To commemorate the evolution of all these years, at the entrance to the Madrid office we have created a little museum, as you can see in this photo.

This is where you realise how many years have passed, and how technology has evolved…

Our Founder & CTO Enrique Bermúdez posted this today:

“Today TelyNET celebrates 33 years of business adventure and technological evolution. We have been present in the market since 1st June 1989 and currently operate on three continents with a multicultural and highly talented team of human resources.

From this digital “playground” I would like to thank the team that has brought Telynet this far and our customers and collaborators for the support they have shown.

I would like to share a photo that I like to look back on, with a certain giddiness, remembering the excitement and passion that we felt back then (and that we still feel today) despite the uncertainty that accompanied us in everything we did, worrying about surviving from one day to the next. This has given us a strange resilience and way of thinking that has allowed us to overcome these difficult times that we have had to face.

There is a phrase by Mario Benedetti that sums up adaptation to change and applies to all aspects of life:

“When we thought we had the answers, all the questions suddenly changed.”

Happy Wednesday”

Hoy 1 Junio 2022 Telynet Cumple 33 años

You’re so right, Enrique…

Telynet has always evolved with the latest technologies. Over these 33 years we have learnt to anticipate the needs of our customers, and to be prepared to solve any business service issue, which is why we are market leaders.

For Telynet, customers come first, that’s why our favourite phrase is: “We create long term business relationships”

Our customers speak for us.

And of course, I would like to thank the Telynet Team for their work, the work of more than 100 people all over the world, who give their all, who work to ensure that everything is perfect for our customers, thank you for making it possible for Telynet to become the TELYNET GROUP.

We will continue to work and grow with you…