Let me tell you a story…

When Telynet was founded over 32 years ago, enthusiasm was the driving force of entrepreneurs. We worked as many hours as it took, we got the job done, even if it wasn’t ours, we risked our personal savings and we almost never made ends meet.

But this made us try even harder. The company was young and customers came to us not really knowing what they wanted, but the ideas we had always helped them to solve their problems.

We acquired more customers and the hardships passed, our customers grew with us and we built a long-term relationship.

That’s why we like to anticipate the next step before our customers ask us to.

We have always continued to train and will continue to do so, of course.

This brings us to the present day, where our B2B customers are more present than ever due to the evolution of the markets.

With B2B e-commerce ordering on the rise, we have developed a suggested B2B ordering system and manage it by providing state-of-the-art technology to suit every need. We integrate with advanced ERP systems (SAP, others…), warehouse or logistics software, and take advantage of our extensive experience in specialised areas so that customers can lead their industry and increase turnover. And we understand that mistakes can be costly, so we must be careful not to make the wrong move.

Offering B2B buyers a way to place orders via a market standard mobile device (tablet or phone) is a relatively new idea for many, but for Telynet it is not.

We have been working with these devices for years, when others only saw buyers in a B2C environment, where orders are placed via barcode scanners or proprietary hardware, Telynet opted for these devices.

Merchandise providers are also beginning to shift from these methods to mobile devices with new shopping experiences, providing their customers with greater speed and satisfaction by facilitating their purchases.

B2B buyers are beginning to prefer suppliers that offer an omnichannel purchase experience, allowing them to purchase not only through representatives, but also through portals and of course, mobile devices.

We offer customers customised mobile products and solutions according to the roles of each company or sales and distribution business, both for #IOS and #ANDROID.

We have applied the latest technologies, so that our #CRM is perfectly adapted to your needs, that’s why it is much more than just a CRM, for example, you will be able to monitor your customers or sales forces in real time.

The #Telynet #software is an advanced sales server and mobile applications, specially designed for simple use, in real time, which has been able to implement the#B2B, #B2C module, facilitating the conversion and digitisation of points of sale and end customers, closing a perfect 360º cycle.

Creating TelyNET sales SUITE 360º.

Omnichannel Mobile Solutions to take your business to the next level

Telynet has grown with its customers and will continue to do so.

GROW with US

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