Soluciones Tecnológicas para Alimentación y Bebidas con Telynet & Zebra

Food and Beverage Technology Solutions with Telynet & Zebra

We have the perfect formula to transform your Food and Beverage company with:

TelyNET sales SUITE 360 & Zebra 

Looking for a solution for your Food & Beverage company?

Do you want digitisation customised with the roles of your Food & Beverage company or business?

There is always a challenge to REINVENT YOURSELF.  At  TELYNET we are always thinking about how we can help Food and Beverage companies with OMNICHANNEL SOLUTIONS. 

That’s why we are one of Zebra Technologies’ leading mobility partners,

with a multitude of success stories together. 

The execution of Food and Beverage operations involves a lot of work. Strict food safety guidelines must be met, food labels must be printed to market the brand and detailed nutritional information must be provided.

And the level of service must be upgraded with mobile POS payment options to meet customer expectations.

Telynet & Zebra’s range of Food & Beverage operations technologies help you optimise your front-line operations, ensuring excellence in every experience.

That is why we are one of Zebra’s main mobility partners, with a multitude of success stories together, one of them being in the Food and Beverage sector, where Zebra terminals combined with our ecosystem of mobile solutions adapted to their needs have created a perfect combination to achieve their business objectives.

As experts in mobile solutions, Omnichannel and Zebra devices, we have created our own ecosystem called TelyNET sales SUITE 360, thanks to which we can advise you on the configuration of the product and services appropriate to your needs, fully customised. 

At TELYNET we have been working with Omnichannel for years, which is why TelyNET sales SUITE 360 offers you a SUITE of interconnected or independent products, which will provide your sales and distribution company with what it needs to progress in the digitisation of your business, taking it to another level.

  • Order
  • Product Catalogue
  • Service
  • Stock
  • POS payment
  • Reports
  • CRM
  • Purchases

All with a single APP customised with your company’s roles:

With Telynet & Zebra Technologies, the leader in professional mobile computing, you will always get the most out of your business.

Choose the right connectivity for your workers based on their daily roles, barcode scanning options, battery size and other features, to help your workers increase task accuracy and on-the-job efficiency. Let Telynet and Zebra design a solution tailored to your needs. Click this link for more information about ZD620 for Food and Beverage labelling. 

We would also recommend Zebra’s ZD400 Series 4-inch printers, where you can be assured of quality performance for many years.

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