DES2021 con los ojos de PAULA DE MINGO

#DES2021 through the eyes of PAULA DE MINGO


After a year without events, the day arrived, three days of work, effort and professional growth awaited me.

The event was held at IFEMA, in a restricted area due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Our stand was at the end of the aisle on the left. Our role was to acquire customers, offering them to enter a raffle we were doing and also to see how the companies were performing.

Throughout the day, talks were given by senior executives of companies, who offered a lot of knowledge about the market situation, how a company works and the relationships between companies, all of which were accompanied by innovations.

All this, accompanied by the background noise of people trying to attract customers and offer their best services, helped me to understand the current situation and to get along better with people you don’t know.

In short, this event taught me how complicated it is to attract customers and to learn about the real experiences of employees and how they have evolved.

Furthermore, I was able to get to know myself in that situation and how that kind of function worked.

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